This is a halloween video I made and posted today on youtube.


29 May 12 at 1 am

Asked by ophelius

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asker Its sad this blog doesnt post anymore :(

hey, sorry for the late reply. i have come down with a chronic lifelong illness that makes me sick every day. i’m rarely on the internet anymore. once i go into remission, i’ll start posting again, i promise!

asker Im not sure if Im right, but.. I think that the ghost in the fog old vintage photo you posted... is actually a KKK photo....

hm. i don’t recall the photo you are talking about, but all of the photo’s i find were from either tumblr halloween search or other sites related to halloween. can you send me the link and i’ll see what i can find out?

05 Feb 12 at 12 am

Asked by bi-tterswe-et

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asker do you like Skeleton Jack and Coraline ?

yes. even though i haven’t seen them in their¬†entirety, i do like them. i need to make time to see them from beginning to end.



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"This Is Halloween"
Danny Elfman
The Nightmare Before Christmas
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